Preventing Blindness - Assuring a Brighter Future



Trachoma, a painful bacterial eye infection, is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world. 

Trachoma is especially pervasive in developing countries.  The disease causes unnecessary pain and suffering and prevents people from working and providing for their families. 

Trachoma fuels the cycle of poverty. 

Until now, trachoma treatment programs have been limited.  Strategies often involve top-down foreign intervention, which is usually dictated and controlled by international organizations.

Though well-intentioned, such intervention fails to empower local populations to address trachoma for themselves, rendering the programs unsustainable in the long term.  To sustainably alleviate trachoma‚Äôs burden, Africans must weigh treatment alternatives, make their own choices and implement their own methods. 

Africans must treat themselves.


our Mission & Strategy

At the grass-roots level, we support local organizations in developing countries to eliminate trachoma symptoms with local methods and treatments. 

We currently support symptom elimination with an inexpensive, locally available treatment called EyeBath.  EyeBath is based on an FDA approved immune system stimulant with antibacterial properties.

We support local organizations to sustainably expand EyeBath treatment to remote regions of their respective countries and beyond.